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The International Success with Local, Community Spirit!


I’m Louise, founder and CEO of ARCCM. 

My story takes many twists and turns. I’m the girl who dreamed for a life of ‘more’. The girl who became homeless, abused, on the brink of .... depression (?)

I’m the girl next door, who picked herself up, and started a business from her car.

I’m the girl who stood up against insubordinate grief, and debilitating dis-ease!


I’m the girl who pressed on; despite a thousand rejections, to achieve international acclaim in more than 9 countries; yet (still, and I’m grateful) so few know my name!

I’m the girl who worked hard, only to lose it all to “man”.

The girl who, though wounded, still rose with a vision, and a mission ~ burning through her veins.


I refuse to let you struggle those same ways... I refuse to let you believe you’re alone, and it’s ‘fate’! I refuse to believe you’ve got to sell your soul. I refuse to let you give up, because you don’t know where to turn!

I’m your passionate advocate. I’ve made it my mission to empower you to be, everything the creator of the universe designed you to be!

This is WHY, and how “Advocating Real Change, Consulting Management” came to be; International Success, with a local community spirit. Creating a better future. Paving the way forward. Empowering others to THRIVE; my team and I have made it our mission in life: to advocate for you, your life, your career, your family, your finances, and your business!

My team and I are here to give you a clearer picture of your individual identity, and purpose in life & business; we're here to help you get started, start over, or grow & expand - without going into debt!

“Louise has been paramount in my personal development.” Alison

If you'd like to learn more about my 'accomplishments' in the Performing Arts / Music & Entertainment Industry, you can find a very small selection of my Original Music, on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, among many other platforms (under the name Louise Barton). You may even find a "Best Original Score" nomination, or collaborations with Tony, Grammy, BAFTA, and /or ARIA Award winning writers, producers, and performers!