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If you haven't heard my story, you may not known that the reason I entered the world of Aromatherapy was because of the amazing results I experienced with it in my own recovery from various chronic, autoimmune conditions. You can read my full story in my book, MADE FOR MORE, coming soon.

Because I understand first hand what it feels to live with multiple, chronic illnesses, I'm passionate about advocating for those who are yet to learn that reprieve is possible with the right treatment & support! 

Whether you're intrigued about FREQUENCY READINGS and how my nifty little handheld device can help you determine what underlying issues may be affecting you - emotionally, physically and / or spiritually, to physically targeted MASSAGE TREATMENTS , MUSIC THERAPY and / or LIFE COACHING CONSULTATIONS, each treatment is tailored to suit you and your unique, individual needs. 


Including a full consultation (to understand your mental, physical, emotional and energetic needs), all treatments include a bespoke blend of essential oils - in either a roll on, or nasal inhaler form. 

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