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How You Can Learn from My Experience Living with Addison's Disease. Part One.

Adrenal Fatigue is a real issue. But, when it's not dealt with properly, it can lead to more debilitating, chronic health conditions like Addison's Disease, which can potentially be life-threatening.

I was diagnosed with Addison's twelve years after my Doctor first warned me that if I didn't make some drastic changes to my life, he would not expect me to live beyond two years.

This is not the news any young person should ever have to hear. I was 23 and a new Mum!

If you haven't heard my story, the long and short of it is this: TRAUMA!

  • I was grieving the loss of a loved one who was murdered, when I was just nine years of age.

  • My father was not the most gracious of men, and abuse was no stranger behind the closed doors of the family home, which eventually broke down when I was 13.

  • And, at 14 I had a machete held to my throat as I was raped by a "family friend".

  • On top of this, I was an insecure overachiever. Putting myself under enormous amounts of pressure to ACCOMPLISH my goals - and they were HUGE goals - involving getting a recording contract, being a professional singer/songwriter. This an achievement only 1-2% of the entire, global population ever achieve, and I was quite literally killing myself trying to do just that. It's no wonder my body started to manifest various forms of illness.

  • Chronic fatigue. The type of exhaustion that doesn't leave the body, even after 12 hours of sleep.

  • Constant Nausea.

  • Weight loss.

  • Weight gain. (It went both ways for me. One moment I looked anorexic and people were seriously concerned for my health, then within a matter of months, I'd gained more than 40Kilograms and had quite literally more than doubled in size ~ which genuinely traumatised me ~ and others just assumed I ate too many crisps (which I never) )!

  • Irregular periods that went from barely spotting for a day or two, to the freaking Niagara falls with clots the size of apples!

  • Constant UTI's (Urinary tract infections) and/or Kidney infections.

  • Heartburn.

The list of symptoms I was experiencing could continue for pages....

I had been officially diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the age of 16. Stress, and Trauma were daily experiences and habits that had become so ingrained in my mindset and muscles, that my body needed to shut down to cope.

I quite literally spent YEARS becoming an observer of my own body's ability to handle stress, & trauma, and had learned how to nourish my mind, body and spirit from the inside out through various forms of Health & Nutrition, Diet, Supplements, Exercise, and other Alternate Therapies, including Music, in a way that my body responded well and became receptive to healing.


FAST FORWARD to November 2017, and while I had spent years investing in healing my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and wellbeing, with great results, I was dealt another very stressful blow (an international, parental child abduction situation - which is another story in itself), and my body went straight back into shutdown mode - activating that muscle memory, dangerously - subsequently resulting in being diagnosed with Addison's Disease.

The first twelve months post diagnoses I experienced crises, after crises. Simply because what had once worked for me, my body couldn't cope with, and I had to learn to make necessary adjustments.

I have had moments of normality, and moments where I have genuinely felt I was facing death's door (and I'm not being melo-dramatic here, this is fact)!

  • I had to give up working full time - to prioritise my health.

  • I had to cut ties with friends who weren't true friends - to prioritise my health.

  • I had to join - and leave support groups for Addison's Warrior's - to prioritise my health.

  • I had to make some lifestyle changes, that challenged me - to prioritise my health!

Those lifestyle changes included making Essential Oils a part of my DAILY routine!

My first experience with Essential Oils was just after my initial diagnoses in 2007. My doctor advised me to REDUCE MY STRESS (even suggesting I leave my {now ex} husband - which I couldn't comprehend at the time)!

I'm a skeptic. I always have been. I'm the woman who, if something random fell out of the sky, it would likely hit me in the head! That's me! So I rarely, if ever, expect something to actually work out for me... This mindset has been going through a shifting, DRAMATICALLY these past 12 months!

It wasn't until I didn't apply my oils, that I realised just how POWERFUL, these potent, PLANT MEDICINES truly are!

You see, Essential Oils literally hijack the brain to help re-wire it - and when the brain is in optimal form, the body quickly follows. Essential oils RAISE the frequency at which the energies of the body vibrate. It's not woo-woo, it's science! When the brain and body are able to work synergistically, well, it creates the perfect environment for HEALING to take place... And you can quite literally heal from ANYTHING (including CANCER)!

This is the opportunity ESSENTIAL OILS have given me, and I've seriously put them to the test ~ especially recently!

Throughout this series, I will share my personal experiences, health challenges, and demonstrate how I've learned to stop fighting against chronic illness as though it's something to be thwarted, and start to THRIVE, living life FULLY, in spite of autoimmune disease being part of my reality.

My hope is that you will join me on this journey, and experience your own healing & transformation through the potent power of plant medicine that is essential oils!

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In the meantime, my friends... Breathe Easy, Keep Calm, and Know You're NOT Alone in this Journey.