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How You Can Learn from My Experience Living with Addison's Disease. Part Two.

A few months ago, I started sharing part of my experience living with Addison's Disease. It can be such a vulnerable journey sharing ones illness with a world that simply does not, or cannot possibly understand. The Pain. The Guilt. The shame. I admit, it's taken me a while to process in my mind how to share the rest of my story!

But, no more! I'm declaring WAR on guilt and shame! They have no place in my life, and they have no place in yours either!

Adrenal Fatigue is a very real issue.

Some people will try to discredit it and say it's all made up, it's all in the head, it's just a crutch, or an excuse made up by lazy people to use to get out of doing mundane daily tasks.

Other people will know the reality of it, and claim that once you've got a diagnosis, that's it, you're screwed for life!

And then there are people like me!

People who push the boundaries, question the 'facts', and stand, quite controversially, upon supernatural promises of healing while actively seeking a reprieve through alternative means, such as complementary medicines!

Friends, I need you to hear me on this.

I've been given a life-sentence numerous times, yet I'm still here - miraculously!

In may 2007 my Dr gave me two years to live! He said he'd never seen 'stress-levels' so high in anyone my age (23), in his 20 odd years of specialising in Endocrinology!

Fast forward ten years, to 2017, and again, a different Dr told me I was gravely ill, diagnosing me with the Life-threatening condition, Addison's Disease, declaring I would be sick, and ultimately steroid-dependent for the rest of my life.

I guess, if I was anyone else I may have just accepted those words. But I didn't!

I refused to make agreements with those words, and I refused to let those words take hold of my mind and body.

Yes, Addison's Disease, can potentially be life-threatening if not treated properly, but you've got no chance of healing & recovery if you don't give healing & recovery a VOICE!!

Let me say that again:

You've got no chance of healing & recovery if you don't give healing & recovery a VOICE!

I said this to my Dr's face.

Her response? She ordered more tests.

Here's the best part, friends...

A few days after returning from my European Honeymoon in September 2019, I went into hospital for further investigations and tests. Two weeks later, I received the results.

My SPECIALIST DOCTOR admitted - in writing - that my results were UNUSUAL, as I was showing evidence of recovery - which in their eyes was not possible!

To be sure, of course, she's ordered I re-take the same test/s in a few weeks time, but I already know that the results are going to CONIRM I'm on the right side of this dis-ease. Why? Because - as I shared with her - I've been ACTIVELY seeking a solution to support the LIFE of my mind and body rather than focusing on the dis-ease!

Now, I'm certainly not making any 'health claims', or declaring that "I'm 100% Healed!" YET, but if you're struggling I don't want you to feel like there's no hope!

I'm a Hope Dealer, Not a Dope Dealer!

I DON'T want you to make the same mistakes I made for 10 years (+ the rest)!

You can't expect a miracle overnight - well, you can... but, Miracles are rarely issued the way we think!

Believe in Miracles. Expect Miracles. Be Prepared to Receive them in UNEXPECTED WAYS!

It's no secret, I DO believe in miracles because I am a living miracle, but sometimes they come dressed completely differently to what we asked / prayed for, and expect! Almost to the point we fail to see them in our lives!!

To learn how to live again - in the face of adversity - in the face of chronic illness, and autoimmune dis-ease we have to CHOOSE what we're going to focus on and what we're going to allow in, and give reign to in our lives, over our mind, body & spirit. We all have this freedom and ability! And that's a pretty special thing!!

  • I had to give up full time employment - to prioritise my health. The unseen miracle in this journey was what leaving employment gave me in terms of giving me the ability to (re) start and grow my own business; increase my income, reduce my stress, physical, and emotional fatigue - and make way for healing to take place!!

  • I had to cut ties with friends who weren't true friends - to prioritise my health.

  • I had to join - and leave support groups for Addison's Warrior's - to prioritise my health. You wouldn't believe how many Negative Nancy's live in those so-called 'support' groups, and how unsupportive they genuinely are! My goodness, every single comment I ever made was met with some of the most vile, poison ever to meet my eyes ~ one of the joys of modern day technology with keyboard warriors declaring war on anyone who they don't understand, or misinterpret! Be willing to walk away from avenues where you WON'T FIND HEALING!

  • I had to make some lifestyle changes, that challenged me - to prioritise my health! As you know, one of those changes was introducing Essential Oils into my DAILY life, aromatically and topically, and the miraculous wonder that is CBD

Oh! My friends... How CBD taught me to LIVE AGAIN!

I'm a Hope Dealer, Not a Dope Dealer!

CBD has genuinely CHANGED my life for the better! I still have days where I need to prioritise REST and listen to my body when it's crying out for reprieve, but in comparison to where I was less than 12 months ago... It's like a chorus of heavenly angels declaring HALLELUJAH!

I'll say it again: You've got to listen to the voice of healing & recovery - rather than listening to the voice of pain, guilt, shame, fatigue, illness, and disease etc...

What you feed (nurture / nourish) will FLOURISH, what you STARVE will die. Starve dis-ease and nourish your healing! Give healing a chance!

You've got no chance of healing & recovery if you don't give healing & recovery a VOICE!


If you're curious about the benefits of Essential Oils and / or CBD, take the tour and join our team as we take the world by storm, CHANGING A LOT OF LIVES!

"Disclaimer: no health claims or guarantees made. This information is intended as educational, and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Essential Oils and CBD are NOT intended to replace medications or eliminate the advice of a competent health care practitioner."

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