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When You Start Over. Again. And Again! AND AGAIN!! Part One...

They say that every day is an opportunity to start fresh. Reality is, while this may be true, most of us don't expect to find ourselves in situations where we're starting over, for the second, third, or even the fourth or fifth time.

Is it one of those cases of not knowing what the hell we're actually doing, or are we making decisions that we genuinely believe to be life-changing?

When my first husband and I separated, I had a new air of confidence about me; I was ready to step out from underneath the cloak of cohesive control, and into a world filled with opportunities to embrace with vigour. I felt as free as I'd ever felt; as though I could breath, and be me... except.... I didn't exactly know who that was!

I had become so burnt out in the last few years of my marriage from being pulled in so many directions, I'd lost my vision. The desires of my heart didn't feel like my own, and so I went in search of my "ness"; the essence of what makes me...

Having only ever owned my own businesses, my (now ex) husband relished in telling me how "un-hireable" I was going to be. And he was almost right!! I don't know if employers saw my experience as a threat, or if they just didn't 'get' why I was seeking employment after having successfully owned and managed my own business for so long. I guess I'll never know, but I was fully committed to immersing myself in the experience, until I found where I wanted to be.

I had already tried my hand at Makeup Artistry, Life Coaching, and Counselling, which I had studied while I ran my Performing Arts Studio; but I needed something 'new', something 'fresh' - whatever that meant!!

I got a job working for a high end fashion label - and found myself loving it more than I anticipated. I got excited whenever new deliveries arrived, and I really didn't mind dealing with the public. I found myself hearing the same frustrations from customers, and convinced myself that by listening to the customer's wants, I could 'fill the gaps in the market' and serve them the way they needed serving; so I went a got a qualification in Fashion Design.

Let's be honest. As creative as I am, I was NEVER going to put that degree to use! Don't get me wrong; I LOVED discovering the world of Fashion Design, but I was challenged to the core! It took me an extra year than it probably should have to complete that ruddy degree, BUT...

What I did learn, set me up for something completely different! I just hadn't discovered what 'it' was yet!

I was back to the drawing board, with (yet another) useless (so it would seem) certificate in my portfolio that had nothing to do with who I know I was created to be.

So I continued to search ....

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