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Louise is so open, kind and well, her creativity is divine! Organising this from one side of the plant to the other was so effortless.

I highly recommend Louise and her work to everyone 

Louise Maree, Author Detoxing the Goddess

Louise has an incredibly gentle nature that is so warm and non - judgemental. She has helped me immensely through my life. Her services are phenomenal.

Thank you Louise xx

Alison, Trans-gender Advocate & Performing Artist

Louise has been instrumental in my personal development, and understanding of my true self. Caring and professional, her personality is the right mix of down to earth, and reach for the stars! Thank you Louise x

Angela, Life Coach, Spiritual Healer

Louise really knows her stuff and her techniques are fantastic and really work. She is very helpful as well as professional. But most of all, Louise is a lovely person that encourages you and helps you to believe in yourself and your abilities too, as well as helping you to refine and improve your skills.

I would definitely recommend Louise as a coach to anyone. Xxxx

Lisa, Makeup Artist / Team Leader